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LNSC, or Late Nite Social Club, emerged during the summer of 2009 with a clear mission: to elevate the nightlife scene in El Paso. The inaugural event took place in November of that year, featuring Chicago's very own James Curd. This first party, dubbed "Go Bang," paid homage to the influential musician Arthur Russell, setting the tone for what would become a series of legendary events.

As LNSC continued to carve its niche in the nightlife scene, it attracted a roster of esteemed artists and DJs. Icons such as Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib, JRocc, and Mark Farina graced the stages of LNSC events, further solidifying its reputation for delivering top-notch entertainment and setting a higher standard for El Paso's nightlife experiences.

With each event, LNSC not only provided a platform for world-class talent but also fostered a vibrant community of music enthusiasts and partygoers, creating unforgettable moments and shaping the cultural landscape of the city's nightlife.

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